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Revolution 2030

The global education crisis doesn't only affect the Global South. It affects all of us. And we will solve it within our lifetimes.

Figures on the education emergency
  • 250

    Millions of out-of-school children

  • 400

    Millions of children who go to school but are illitterate, worldwide.

  • 1.5

    Billions of children who go to school but don't have access to world-class education.

The global
education crisis

When it comes to education, especially in the humanitarian sector, we tend to make the same naive distinction: the Global South versus the Global North. The assumption is that the Global South is plagued by dysfunctional or even nonexistent school systems, while the Global North has achieved an adequate level of accessibility, ubiquity and equity to a high-quality, public school system.

This is false. Only 0.1 percent of the world’s children have access to excellent education. Everyone else has to make do with the crumbs.

The Italian education emergency.

Italy, which ranks 51st in the global ranking of the most effective school systems, is facing a real school emergency that no one has the courage to talk about. It is time to break the silence.

Figures on the Italian education emergency
  • 1 su 7

    Out of school children

    One student out of 7 doesn’t graduate high school.

  • 50%

    Math and language skills

    Fifty percent of high school seniors do not reach the appropiate levels in these subjects.

  • -50%

    Level of satisfaction

    Below 50% for students, parents and teachers.

  • TOP1

    Anxiety levels

    Italy is among the first in the world for anxiety levels at school.

This is
Still I Rise's

Thanks to our experience on the field and our tireless research and development work, we are developing a revolutionary Educational Method that can democratize elite education by making it accessible to all children, indiscriminately.

Our Method
  • School is Home

    We create projects to produce concrete and lasting results in children's lives.

  • Student centered

    We ensure the best education and curriculum possible for disadvantaged children.

  • Teacher= Mentor

    We work hard to make a difference in the world's most difficult contexts.

  • Global Thinking

    We stop at nothing to ensure that children have the future they deserve.

Our results.

We still have a long way to go, but thanks to our work between Africa, Asia and South America and our educational support projects in Italian schools, we are able to collect impact data on SIR’s Method based on our students, so that we can continue to improve and enhance it. Here are some of the data collected from the testimonies of Italian students and Still I Rise’s students.

Percentage of students who answered "very much" to the following questions

  1. Italian students
  2. Still I Rise's students
  • How much does your school promote creativity?
    Italian students 18%
    Still I Rise's students 82%
  • And creative thinking?
    Italian students 15%
    Still I Rise's students 81%
  • How much do you think your school nurtures self-confidence?
    Italian students 9%
    Still I Rise's students 77%
  • Do you feel like you belong to your school?
    Italian students 6%
    Still I Rise's students 66%
  • How well does your school prepare you to be a leader?
    Italian students 6%
    Still I Rise's students 80%
  • How well do you think your school prepares you to change the world?
    Italian students 4%
    Still I Rise's students 80%

A School for all.

This is the real mission of our work. We do not simply open Schools. Our facilities are true research centers. The goal? To synthesize the formula that will enable the building of Schools of Excellence, affordable and reproducible by anyone, anywhere in the world: the “School of All.” This is our Revolution. We do not open schools for the “poor” but create centers of excellence that offer the best to the most vulnerable children on the globe, so that they will be the ones, one day not far away, to change the world for everyone. We aim for quality, never quantity, and that is how we rewrite the future, one child at a time.

The future
of our

Here is how
we'll bring
our method
on a global scale

  • 2026 Nasce il Team Diplomatico, una squadra di intrepidi professionisti internazionali, che punta a costruire relazioni diplomatiche con i Ministeri dell’Istruzione nel mondo.
  • 2030 Pubblichiamo il Metodo SIR. Il Team Diplomatico ha stretto collaborazioni con tutti gli interlocutori istituzionali nei sette Paesi in cui operiamo e sta attivamente cambiando il sistema scolastico pubblico, contaminandolo con il Metodo SIR.
  • Beyond... Lavoriamo senza posa con un numero sempre maggiore di Ministeri dell’istruzione a livello globale, portando il Metodo SIR in ogni scuola e a ogni bambino, risolvendo così la crisi scolastica globale nell’arco delle nostre vite.