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The context
  • 1 in 7 One in seven students drop out of high school before graduating.
  • 50% 50% of high school seniors do not achieve basic math and language skills.
  • TOP1 Italian students rank among the top in the world for anxiety levels.

Still I Rise International School

Italy is our home. It has always been our dream to open a Still I Rise school there. We work in countries where access to public schools is extremely limited for vulnerable and refugee children. In Italy this is not the case, yet one only has to look at the data to see that schools in Italy are facing a real emergency.

Why Italy?

Italian students rank first among the most anxious in the world. Italy is at the top of the OECD rankings for stress at school desks, and 75% of Italian teachers haven't attended any training courses at the school they teach at after qualifying. The OECD average is 58%. Italy is 121st in the world.

Our International School

We want to open an International School of the highest level, where refugee and vulnerable Italian students can become the leaders of tomorrow.

We don't want to replace public schools, but we want to do what we can to improve them. We owe it to our boys and girls, and to all teachers.

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Still I Rise

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