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Still I Rise Academy - Aden

The only Independent School in the world's worst crisis.

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  • 11M More than 11 million children are in need of immediate humanitarian support.
  • 18K Statistically, a child witnessed eighteen thousand airstrikes in their first three years of life.
  • 10' Statistically, one child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen.

The Yemeni conflict is considered the world's most serious humanitarian crisis, yet even after a decade since its beginning, it remains one of the most unknown. The embargo imposed by the Saudi coalition has caused the economy to collapse, relegating more than 80 percent of the population below the poverty line, with more than 2.2 million children suffering from acute malnutrition. Nevertheless, both the media and the international community continue to ignore the emergency.

Yemen's civil war began in 2014 when the Houthis, a Shia Muslim minority, took control of the northern province of Saada and began advancing southward, forcing President Hadi into exile. In 2015, the conflict took on a global dimension with the intervention of an international coalition led by Saudi Arabia to restore Hadi's rule against Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. In August 2015, the coalition pushed the Houthis back northward, leading to the division of Yemen into two separate regions.
With allegations of human rights violations and attacks on civilian sites by both factions, more than 377,000 civilians died of which 60 percent due to famine and limited access to health services.
In April 2022, a six-month ceasefire was not renewed. Peace talks, facilitated by Oman, resumed in April 2023 but violence on both sides continues.

Our results
  • 100%

    After 4 months since its opening, our success rate in combating school dropout is 100%, against a national average of 60%.

  • 3K

    We have reached 3454 people through our school rehabilitation and food security programs.

  • 590

    After 4 months of operations, we have totaled 590 hours of lessons and psychosocial support for our students.

In 2023, in the city of Aden, we opened the first Emergency and Rehabilitation School in all of Yemen, redeeming children displaced by the civil war. Still I Rise Academy - Aden, nicknamed "Lana," offers high-quality education, targeted child protection actions, and holistic nutrition, psychosocial, and health support programs to our students and their whole families.

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to defend humanity.

Our Independence allows us to fight without ever compromising.