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When Education
saves lives.

To date, only 0.1 percent of the global population has access to elite education. We are the first to challenge the status quo.

Still I Rise's

Our Schools are more than just Schools. They are research and development centers. Between Greece, Syria, Kenya, DR Congo and Yemen we apply and refine the Still I Rise Educational Model to bring top-quality education, available only to 0.1 percent of children, to every child in the world. This is how we are fixing the global education crisis, raising a new ruling class among today’s forgotten children, capable of rewriting the future of us all.

Our Schools


We open Emergency Schools to provide relief in the world's most complex humanitarian crises. Through a holistic approach and a cutting-edge Educational Method, we respond to basic needs by restoring the rights to childhood and freedom, before it is too late.

Emergency Schools


We open International Schools to turn emergency into rebuilding. We offer the highest level of education and the most recognized curriculum in the world. We train tomorrow's leaders among today's most vulnerable children to build a better world and rewrite the future.

International Schools

More than

We are developing a revolutionary Educational Model to solve the global education crisis.

Our Method

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  • 2018 - Mazì, the first Emergency School, in Greece
  • 2020 - Still I Rise Academy - In Dana, Northwest Syria.
  • 2021 - Still I Rise International School - Nairobi, in Kenya
  • 2023 - Still I Rise Academy - Aden, in Yemen
  • 2024 - Still I Rise International School - Bogota, Colombia

Voices of
our students

Read the school diaries of our students and discover the emotions they experience every day at School.

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