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The Future deserves

We are one of the most transparent and efficient organizations in Italy. By donating, you know that 95 percent of your generosity will go toward building a better future for children around the world.

Our results
  • 6 Schools opened in 5 years
  • 50K People reached in the world
  • 100K Hours of lesson and support provided

How we use your donation

We work to ensure that every donation you make is invested in the most efficient way possible to transform the future of our students.

  • 95.17% Programs and activities
  • 3,07% Financial and capital costs
  • 1,04% Fundraising costs
  • 0,72% General support costs

We don’t compromise.

We refuse EU and government funds as well as funding from multinationals that don't comply with our code of ethics.

Go to Mission
Ensuring effectiveness.

Underlying our operations is a clear structure of policies, procedures, relationships and responsibilities. Whether it is administration or protecting our values and children, we take action to create effective procedures and policies.

Compliance with Italian Law

In compliance with the obligation to annually publish the compensation awarded to members of the Board of Directors and Control, based on Legislative Decree 117/2017 Article 14 paragraph 2.