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Italy is facing an unparalleled education emergency. We are emergency education experts. That’s why we decided to put our knowledge, resources and training at the service of schools in Italy. We created “Insieme,” a teaching support format that allows teachers to discover Still I Rise’s Method and apply it in the classroom through three different training paths: Reading, Photography and Active Citizenship.

  • 230 Educators who signed up
  • 8160 Students involved
  • 60 hours of lessons

In addition, we organize training and professional development courses designed for teachers, educators or anyone wishing to explore our pedagogical philosophy and approach to schooling. This way we offer support to a new generation of enlightened teachers, tired of an outdated school system and chronically ignored by institutions, laying the foundation for a more effective, more humane and better School. Above all, a School that is possible.



The Reading Module includes an in-depth study of of Nicolò Govoni's books , with the possibility of participating in a national meeting with the author that will take place online by the end of the school year.


The Photography Module takes the class through the study of the photography exhibition "Through Our Eyes," helping to understand the realities of migration, child labor and children's rights.

Active Citizenship

The Active Citizenship Module develops and enriches MIUR's Citizenship & Constitution curriculum by addressing the topic of the Right to Education, a cornerstone of Still I Rise's Mission.

How to join
  • 01.

    Fill out the form below by entering your personal information and that of your school.

  • 02.

    Choose how to continue the course with the Reading, Photography or Active Citizenship Modules.

  • 03.

    Receive teaching materials and build the different stages of the project together with your students.

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