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Only by building justice can we aspire to Peace

The context
  • 2B

    People in the world who live in conflict areas

  • 300K

    Serious crimes against children by parties in conflict from 2005 to 2022

  • 240M

    Children and teens who have seen their education interrupted by wars and violent conflicts

The rules of war

Indiscriminate attacks on schools, hospitals, markets and the use of food and essential goods as weapons of war are illegal practices even during wars, but unfortunately increasingly widespread. Thanks to our independence, we consistently stand up for civilians, regardless of the parties involved in the conflict.
Our commitment to Peace is intrinsically linked to the awareness that true Peace cannot be achieved without guaranteeing justice to the victims of every conflict, nor without addressing the injustices that very often form its root.

Children in conflict

Children are among the most vulnerable victims in conflicts. Not only are they directly exposed to psychological and physical violence, but they often find themselves orphaned, injured or forced to flee their homes. Attacks on schools and civilian infrastructure, combined with the economic crisis and poverty, force millions of children around the world into a life marked by deprivation and violence, denying them the fundamental right to education.

Our campaigns

Millions of people living in conflict zones around the world suffer in the shadows, depending on humanitarian aid for their survival. Their suffering persists, but their voices have been drowned out by global indifference. In our ongoing commitment to a world at Peace, we are dedicated to raising awareness of these forgotten conflicts and working to ensure that no one is left behind by addressing injustices and spreading awareness of these ignored realities.