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Thanks to your contribution, big or small, we are changing the world every day. With a monthly donation you help us open Revolutionary Schools, democratize high-quality education and fight the global education crisis. Above all, with your support you join us in raising tomorrow’s leaders among today’s forgotten children. Every donation counts. If you believe in a more humane world, join us.

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A monthly donation is the most precious gift you
you can give our students. The world does not
change in the short term. Being able to count on your
support over time allows us to plan and
innovate over the long term, intervening
promptly in emergency situations.

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Donation in honor of a loved one

Keep a loved one's memory alive with a donation in their name.

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Fuel your company's social responsibility by changing the world.

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Regala una donazione

Fai un regalo che cambia il mondo oggi stesso

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Involve your community, become a Fundraiser

What if you were the star of the next fundraising campaign? With the tools we provide, you can make it happen! Share it with your loved ones and achieve great goals for our students. Available soon.


Make your special occasions even more memorable with our branded gifts.

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to give

There are many ways to contribute to our Revolution in the world. Discover all the options and choose your favorite. Join us!

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  • Bank transfer

    Email us to set up an automatic monthly donation and provide consistency to our students.


  • Satispay

    Click here and donate through Satispay, a payment system independent of traditional circuits!

Still I Rise

With your regular donation you can change the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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