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On the front line
to change
the world


Still I Rise is a humanitarian organization founded in 2018 to bring top-quality education to refugee and vulnerable children around the world. Our goal is to end the global education crisis.

Our goals
  • 6 schools around the world
  • 17 International awards won
  • 50K People reached since 2018
  • 100K Lessons and support hours provided
  • 270K Kgs of essential goods distributed
  • 600K Meals distributed around the world


We open top-quality Schools to empower the most disadvantaged. We’re raising a new, more humane and socially conscious leading class. We aim to ensure free, world-class education to all children around the within our lifetime. We are independent, transparent and efficient. And we change the world, one child at a time.


  • Independence

    We reject funds from governments, supranational organizations and unethical corporations.

  • Trasparency

    We allocate over 95% of donations to programs and activities and less than 5% to management and fundraising costs.

  • Efficiency

    We listen to the real needs of the communities we support. We do quality, not quantity.

Testimonies from the field

Ethics: our priority in every choice.

We base our operations on donations from private citizens, foundations and companies. We refuse institutional and government funds to preserve our independence.

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Still I Rise

With your regular donation you can change the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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