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We open Schools in emergency situations to protect childhood.

Where there is
there is Hope.

Our Emergency and Rehabilitation Schools, officially named Academies, were created to offer holistic support to children and families in the most complicated settings around the globe. They respond to an immediate need, that of survival, and then restore the right to childhood and dignity. Through accelerated learning, they redeem children from the streets, child labor and crime, reintegrating them into the formal school system of the country they live in and freeing them from poverty in all its forms.

  • Precision

    The Accelerated Learning Program enables our students to make up for lost school years.

  • Inclusion

    Through our holistic approach of food and health support, we support entire families.

  • Retention

    95% of children freed from the mines in DR Congo continue their studies after the first year.

  • Success

    96% of children coming from IDP camps in Syria graduate from our Program.

Still I Rise Academy - Syria

In Ad-Dana, North West Syria, we opened the first Emergency school for internally displaced children in the Syrian conflict.

Learn about the school

Still I Rise Academy - DRCongo

In DR Congo, in Kolwezi, the cobalt capital of the world, we opened the first School in the region to redeem children forced to work in the mines.

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Still I Rise Academy - Yemen

In Aden, Yemen, we opened a School for the children of the most serious conflict on the planet, one that the world has chosen to forget.

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Mazì, our first School in Greece

It all started on the island of Samos, Greece. Mazì, our first Emergency School, paved the way for our Revolution in the world, only to close its doors once the emergency subsided.

Scopri la scuola

Voices of
our students

Read our students' school diaries and discover all the adventures and emotions they experience every day at School.

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Willing to do anything
to protect humanity.

Our Independence allows us to fight without ever compromising.