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Check out our open positions and send your application now. We are constantly looking for a team of highly dedicated and trained international professionals to implement our Educational and Humanitarian Revolution in Italy and around the world. Join us!

Open positions
Available position Location Contract
HEAD OF IMPACT  Roma - Full Remote Fix Term View job position
EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS & PARTNERSHIPS COORDINATOR Rome- Full Remote Fixed term View job position
GRANTS & CORPORATE MANAGER  Rome- Full Remote Fixed term View job position

Risk assesment and risk management

We have developed detailed plans to assess the risks of the contexts we operate in, taking into account both easily manageable risks as well as complex and exceptional emergency situations. Based on these plans, we develop codes of conduct that every representative is asked to follow carefully, both inside and outside our facilities. We offer training courses and we update our guidelines on a monthly basis.

A network of international partners

We coordinate our work with embassies and consulates in the countries we operate in. Every expat staff member is trained in the procedures to follow in the event of a crisis. We continually consult with our partners globally to ensure that our human resources and facilities are not only constantly able to operate effectively but also safely.

Part of the local community

The relationship with the local community is our primary investment. We work tirelessly to involve the host population in our programs and activities. We talk with local authorities and recruit local leaders. We always operate in line with local laws and customs, ensuring each of our facilities is protected and effective.

Professional development

We offer our staff internal and external professional development and refresher courses. Thanks to our extensive research and development work, we are able to offer hundreds of hours of internal training and courses offered by Harvard, University of Michigan and International Baccalaureate among many others. We aim for the highest quality to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

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