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Diventa volontario

Why volunteering is a serious business

At Still I Rise we stand firmly against voluntourism. A union of “volunteerism” and “tourism,” voluntourism is a multi-billion dollar business that capitalizes on the needs of host communities in favor of the fulfillment of the volunteer and the economic interests of the organization. Voluntourism is not humanitarian aid but exploitation. That is why we promote volunteerism that is ethical, free and always in the best interest of the communities we serve. Join us!


Join our Local Groups

Join more than 400 people in our Local Groups and become an agent of change. Wherever you are, you will get training and support to bring our Revolution in squares, cultural centers, schools and anywhere our voice can be heard. Join us today!

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Volunteer fieldwork

For safety and sustainability reasons, we evaluate proposals for volunteer fieldwork with extreme caution. We are looking for highly trained volunteers who can bring a substantial contribution to our educational programs. If you are a professional with a specific project in mind, propose it to us and, once accepted, we will help you structure it so that your intervention is as effective as possible. Preferring quality over quantity, we approve and follow a maximum of three projects per year.

Volontariato sul Campo

Per motivi di sicurezza e sostenibilità, valutiamo con estrema cautela le proposte di volontariato sul campo. Cerchiamo volontari altamente formati e in grado di portare un contributo sostanziale ai nostri programmi didattici. Se sei un professionista con un progetto specifico in mente, proponicelo e noi, una volta accettato, ti aiuteremo a strutturarlo, così da rendere il tuo intervento il più efficace possibile. Prediligendo la qualità alla quantità, approviamo e seguiamo un massimo di tre progetti l'anno.

Unisciti a noi!

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  • What are Local Groups?

    Territorial Groups are groups of Volunteers who help us amplify our voices and dreams every day. They are people like you, who have come together with a desire to change the world, one child at a time.

    Find out more and join us, here is the dedicated section: Local Groups

  • How can I join a Local Group?

    To find out more about volunterring, or fond active groups, visit our dedicated section: Local Groups .We are currently present in many regions of Italy, Germany and Switzerland. If you can’t find a Local Group near you please contact us, we will be happy to consider opening one together. Thank you!

  • How can I work with you?

    You can view active positions here: Work with us .To make sure you don’t miss any job positions with Still I Rise remember to visit our job openings section periodically!

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