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We raise tomorrow's leaders among today's most vulnerable.

About us.

We are an independent humanitarian organization providing world-class education to refugee and vulnerable children since 2018. Through a dual approach to education and human rights advocacy, we fight to defend their future and, in doing so, we protect our own as well.

Our results
  • 50.000 People reached around the world

    Students, teachers and families around the world. Thanks to our Schools in Greece, Syria, Kenya, Congo and Yemen, as well as our professional development and teaching support programs in Italy and our awareness campaigns around the world, our impact is growing bigger every year.

Our steps
our dream

We work tirelessly
to rewrite the future
starting with education.

  • 2018 Still I Rise was established
  • 2021 We opened Still I Rise International School - Nairobi
  • 2023 Still I Rise was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Standing with children
to rewrite
our future.

Our goal is to end the global school crisis. We will achieve this by opening world-class Schools meant to emancipate the most disadvantaged. We developed a revolutionary Educational Method to grant top-quality, free education to all children around the world within our lifetime.

Discover Mission and Vision
  • Independence

    We refuse funding from governments, supranational organizations and unethical multinational corporations.

  • Transparency

    We allocate over 95% of donations to programs and activities and less than 5% to management and fundraising costs.

  • Efficiency

    We listen to the real needs of the communities we support. We strive for quality and not quantity.



Being free and independent allows us to raise our voices on behalf of our students.

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2030 Revolution

A happier, more humane and effective School at last, in all schools around the world.

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Still I Rise

With your regular donation you can change the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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