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Tax benefits

Tax benefits for Italian tax residents/individuals

Thanks to the tax benefits (for individuals) provided in our country, liberal donations made to Still I Rise A.P.S. through traceable payment systems are:

    • deductible from Irpef for 30% of the amount, up to a maximum limit of € 30,000 per tax period
    • deductible from the payer’s income up to the limit of 10% of declared income (for companies and individuals, the excess can be carried forward up to the following 4th year).

In March each year Still I Rise will send your liberal donation made the previous year directly to the Internal Revenue Service (Agenzia delle Entrate) so that it is automatically included in the next pre-filed tax return. This is done in the name of the person who made the donation and whose tax identification number (codice fiscale) has been provided to us (which must match the person who made the traced payment). In addition, every February we will still send a report of donations made in the previous year to the email address you provided.


Tax benefits for Italian residents (companies)

Tax benefits for corporate donations can be of different types. Companies can deduct the amount donated without an absolute limit but within 10% of total declared income. In addition, again within the 10% limit, if the deduction exceeds the value of total declared income net of other deductions, the portion of the deduction not enjoyed can be carried forward in subsequent returns, up to the fourth subsequent tax period (example, a donation made in 2018 can be discounted even up to 2023).

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