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Two parallel worlds

The context
  • +160M

    Working children around the world

  • 1/10

    Children in the world who work

  • 79M

    Children doing extremely dangerous jobs

The causes of child labor

The causes of child labor are many and often context-related, but they all have a common denominator: poverty. We firmly believe that poverty is not an individual's fault, but rather the result of economic, political and social systems that condemn many children to deprivation and denial of their fundamental rights. Through our Schools, we seek to emancipate our students and their families from this unfair situation, building with them a future that promotes individual and collective well-being in their communities. However, millions of other children around the world continue to work in inhumane conditions.

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In a world where multinationals and large international corporations increasingly hold power and influence over global processes, it is crucial to initiate systemic change through the obligation to ensure transparency and accountability in their supply chains. This fundamental step is necessary so that human, children and environmental rights are respected and protected.