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Leaving home to never come back

The context
  • 281M

    People who live in a country other than their country of birth.

  • 110M

    Were forced to leave their homecountry

  • 43.3M

    of them are children.

Leaving your home

Emigrating is an intrinsically human experience, but often full of pain: leaving your home and loved ones with the knowledge of not being able to see them again is an extremely difficult choice. The difference between those who move legally and those who do so irregularly often lies in the strength of their passport. For many people with weak passports, legal routes to migration simply do not exist.

The power of a passport

Those without a privileged passport are therefore often forced to face dangerous routes and live in the shadows, without any legal rights and subject to harassment, violence and racism. We fight every day so that fundamental human rights apply to everyone, regardless of their passport of origin.

Our campaigns

Over the years, we have witnessed the increase in migratory flows and the increase in cases of unaccompanied minors, often left vulnerable and without adequate support. Faced with this reality, we moved with determination to bring about concrete changes.