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Today, your gift is worth double. Join the challenge!

Donate now!

Your donation is worth double!

Join the challenge: you have until June 30th 2024 to help us reach € 200,000!

If we succeed, this amount will immediately become €400,000, thanks to a Foundation that has decided to DOUBLE every single donation received for our new International School. All funds donated by the Foundation will go towards covering our financial, operational and fundraising costs!

Your contribution is crucial.

Donate now!

Our goal:
the 100% model!

One of the values we pursue is transparency: we allocate around 95% of our funds to our mission and activities, 3% to financial and capital costs, just over 1% to fundraising activities and the remaining 0.72% to operational costs.

We want to do more: 100% of every single donation going directly to fund our Schools, projects and activities.

Find out how!

Why a School in India?

Child labor, human trafficking and desperate sanitary conditions are the harsh reality for tens of thousands of children in Mumbai. Our School is going to serve them, the forgotten children.

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La missione di Still I Rise