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Bringing visibility to a forgotten conflict

The humanitarian situation

Syria is torn apart by a decades-long war. We operate in the country’s Northwest region (NWS), where more than 4.5 million people live, of whom more than 3.4 million are internally displaced and 80 percent are women and children. The humanitarian situation is getting worse every year, with 90% of the population in need of immediate aid. With our advocacy work, we strive to ensure that no one is left behind, exposing injustices and raising awareness of this forgotten reality.

The earthquake

The earthquake that took place on February 6, 2023 killed 6,392 people across Syria, with more than 70 percent of the deaths in opposition-controlled areas in the northwest of the country. Here the border crossing with Turkey remained closed and no support arrived for days. Several people lost their lives under the rubble after the earthquake because no aid was allowed in to save them.

Collapse of the education system

The collapse of the school system reflects the pervasive impact of the conflict on the present and future. With nearly 2 million children of school age, nearly half in northwest Syria are deprived of education. Economic pressures, combined with a shortage of schools and staff, contribute to a significant drop in attendance during adolescence making education a privilege for the few rather than a universal right.

Health emergency

Health facilities in northwestern Syria are frequent targets of military attacks. International isolation exacerbates the chronic shortage of facilities, personnel and equipment. Poor water and sanitation systems, collapsing disease monitoring health systems, and deteriorating socioeconomic conditions exacerbate the situation.

Humanitarian aid as a political weapon

The Bab al-Hawa crossing, along the Syrian-Turkish border, is the only access for humanitarian aid in the region, vital for the survival of 4.5 million people. However, its use is subject to UN Security Council approval where Russia exercises its veto power in support of the regime, turning humanitarian aid into a political weapon.


We use video communication tools and our social media channels to show the world what is happening on the ground. We strive to give voice to those who live trough war every day, exposing the tragic nature of the conflict through their experiences and amplifying their demands.
Bringing the conflict back on the spotlight

We denounce the continued attacks on civilians and call for humanitarian aid to be guaranteed consistently and free from political influence. Every year on the anniversary of the war in Syria, we publish a report aimed at updating the public and the media on the current humanitarian and conflict situation in the country with a focus on Northwest Syria.

Still I Rise

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