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Still I Rise in the news: the best stories of October 2023

In October, the initiatives of Still I Rise have drawn attention from the Italian media. News, features and TV reports focused on a variety of issues, such as the organization’s effort to raise awareness about the situation in Northwest Syria and the making of a documentary that will show how schools can change the world, especially in the most unstable countries.

The news of the making of the documentary, called “Still I Rise – When School Saves Lives” and produced by Greenland with Rai Cinema, was covered by both national and local newspapers as well as specialized magazines. In particular, news agencies ANSA and DIRE, L’Arena, the Gazzetta di Mantova, and Il Giornale di Vicenza, as well as Mymovies and The Hollywood Reporter, have reported on the project.

The documentary will travel through some of the most complicated areas in the world, including Northwest Syria. The humanitarian emergency unfolding in the region has been under-reported for too long. Still I Rise seeks to break this silence, day after day, through testimonies and images from the field. On October 7, Cremona Oggi reported on the bombings that killed at least 37 people, including many women and children, and also hit the area of Ad Dana, where the Still I Rise school is located.

Still I Rise’s commitment “against the atrocities and abuses that target too many innocent children” was underscored by the Regency of the Republic of San Marino, which in early October received in audience Nicolò Govoni, Giovanni Volpe, and two students from the international school in Nairobi, Kenya. The meeting was covered by local newspapers, further demonstrating the bond that unites San Marino and the organization, nominated for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize by Republic Councilors Sara Conti and Giuseppe Maria Morganti. 

In its coverage of the event, San Marino’s public service RTV mentioned that the 2021 law allowing for the application for temporary foster care of one or more unaccompanied foreign minors was inspired by Still I Rise’s advocacy work.

In relation to this issue, the Italian press reported on Feminin Pluriel‘s charity event, which took place on October 20 in Milan. On the occasion, as Gente and La Gazzetta di Milano wrote, funds were raised for more than 2,500 children orphaned by gender homicide through the Edela association and in favor of Still I Rise.

Finally, space was given to the great success of the 19th Clown&Clown Festival, which was held in Monte San Giusto from Sept. 24 to Oct. 1 and featured Nicolò Govoni as one of the leading guests. Il Resto del Carlino reported a turnout of about 10,000 visitors. As Marche Infinite wrote, during the event “two students from the Still I Rise international school in Nairobi, Doris and Muhmad, tried their hand at a theater and dance performance, with a very strong text denouncing the issue of deprivation of children’s rights.”

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