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Our Values

At Still I Rise International School – Nairobi, learning is the pursuit of freedom. We aim to free the communities we serve through excellent education, purposeful care and priceless opportunities. That’s how we raise tomorrow’s leaders. To do so, we crafted an innovative, value-based Model of Education that aims to empower vulnerable learners to become their best selves and, in doing so, build a better world for everyone around them. Our core values are Ambition, Bravery and Care.


Ambition is love for yourself. Love for your dreams and desires. For who you are and who you were. For your roots, culture and ancestry. But most of all, ambition is love for your future.


Bravery is love for the collective. Love for your community, your city and your country. Love for the entire world, even. Bravery is to love humanity the same way you love yourself.


Care is love for one another. Love for your parents, your siblings and the rest of your family. For your friends, teachers and everyone who is important to you. Care is to love the other as an extension of yourself.

Still I Rise's

In order to raise ambitious, brave and caring leaders, we created and implement Still I Rise Education Model, a revolutionary teaching approach that fosters creative and critical thinking while instilling a burning passion and commitment to social justice and societal advancement.

Our Method
  • School is Home

    Key word: Beauty

  • Student-centered

    Key word: Democracy

  • Teacher = Mentor

    Key word: Family

  • Global Thinking

    Key word: Freedom

More than

We are developing a revolutionary Educational Model to solve the global education crisis.

Our Method