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Lettura Quotidiana

Il nostro progetto innovativo, appena lanciato, sta rivoluzionando il modo in cui gli studenti si avvicinano alla lettura e alle biblioteche.

Dive into the exciting world of literacy development at Still I Rise International School in Nairobi!

Our innovative and recently launched project is revolutionizing how students engage with reading and libraries.

Every day, students eagerly anticipate the daily reading hour, a special time carved out just for them to immerse themselves in the magical realm of books. Supported by our dedicated teachers, this hour fosters a love for independent reading while enhancing fluency and comprehension skills.

“…since its introduction, this has improved my reading skills and grammar.”

Christopher, student

Throughout the month, students aim to conquer at least two books, delving into captivating narratives and thought-provoking themes. But it’s not just about reading – our teachers guide them with stimulating questions, encouraging critical thinking and deeper understanding of the texts.

And let’s not forget our weekly library sessions! Here, students sharpen their writing skills through reflective book reports, exploring characters, plots, and author choices. These reports are not mere assignments; they’re dynamic documents that evolve with each student’s reading journey.

  • 1,227 Number of books read between Jan-Mar 2024
  • 4,728 Targeted total number of books to read in 2024
  • 26% Percentage of books read against 2024 goal

Our reading tracker is the backbone of this literary adventure, meticulously documenting every book journeyed through by our students. It’s not just about tracking progress; it’s about celebrating each page turned and every new world discovered. Join us in nurturing a culture of literacy where every page turned is a step towards brighter futures.

Still I Rise International School – where reading isn’t just a task; it’s a thrilling expedition into the realms of imagination and knowledge!
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