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Transforming Schools: The Power of Common Halls

The Common Hall Concept: A Second Home for Students

Transforming Schools: The Power of Common Halls

The Common Hall Concept: A Second Home for Students

Imagine a school where the very entrance sets the tone for a warm and inviting environment. This is the essence of the Common Hall, the first room students, staff, and visitors encounter when arriving at a school.

Developed and successfully implemented by the NGO Still I Rise in schools worldwide, the Common Hall is more than just a space – it’s a transformative concept. Unlike typical entryways that may feel detached or utilitarian, the Common Hall exudes the ambiance of a home, creating a comfortable and beautiful space that welcomes individuals of all ages.

It’s not merely a passageway but a place for quality time – relaxing, chatting, studying, researching, playing, learning, and sharing.

Vivi il Common Hall: dove Natura, Comfort e Collaborazione plasmano il Futuro dell’Istruzione.

Addressing the Well-being Crisis through School Space Redesigns

The student well-being crisis is alarming, with 40% of European teens reporting frequent feelings of low mood and anxiety (European Commission, 2020). 

The Common Hall emerges as a tangible solution to this crisis. Research has consistently shown that attention to the architectural structure of schools can reduce discomfort and significantly enhance learning, enthusiasm, and motivation in flexible environments. At Still I Rise the impact is evident.

The Common Hall embraces the idea of connected growth with plants and natural materials throughout. Carpets and wall decorations bring local art and design into the space. If possible, the Common Hall has clear glass doors and easy visibility to the outer hallway providing easy visualization of who is inside.

The Common Hall provides opportunities for groups to meet or for individuals to study in a more relaxed atmosphere than they might experience in their usual learning spaces.

Key-aspects of the Common Hall:

  • central location
  • collaboration
  • comfortable
  • trust
  • creative
  • vibrant

In a 2023 anonymous survey of SIR students:

  • 94% feel connected to adults in their school
  • 90% feel 'hopeful'
  • 87% are generally 'happy' despite challenging backgrounds.

In the realm of education, the Common Hall is not just a physical space; it’s a philosophy that can revolutionize a school’s culture. Repurposing a single room may not skyrocket well-being, but it could be the catalyst for transforming your school into a second home for students.

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