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We are completely independent. We reject government, supranational and unethical multinational company funds. We allocate more than 95 percent of donations to programs and activities. We are revolutionizing the concept of Schools by democratizing high-quality education and exposing injustice where no one else dares to. We can continue to do so thanks to monthly donations. Join our Big Family and become our steady support now!

The program in 3 steps
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    Set up a monthly donation, choosing the amount that best suits your means

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    Receive your membership card to keep and share with your loved ones.

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    Access a personalized ecosystem of updates and care that will bring you ever closer to our reality.

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  • 12.99€ monthly

    Get exclusive content directly from our Schools around the world.

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  • 25.99€ monthly

    Join our Christmas call for updates and holiday season greetings.

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  • 50€ monthly

    Find out more about how we are changing the world at policy level.

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  • 100€ monthly

    Take part in Still I Rise's Global Team annual in-house symposium.

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Meet the community

  • I learned about you by reading Nicolo’s books. I find your work truly exceptional, unique, visionary and revolutionary and I really appreciate your independence and transparency. This is why I’ve decided to support you with a monthly donation, by allocating you my 5x1000 and in any way I can!

  • I learned about Still I Rise by reading “Se fosse tuo figlio”. I was very impressed by the book and later Nicolo’s personal story. I decided to do my part with a monthly donation and every year I try to present Still I Rise to my students.

  • Why should people become regular donors? Because the money Still I Rise spends is visible and brings in clear results, they are the best part of Humanity and I’m happy to do my part in making the world a slightly better place.

  • I don’t have a lot of free time and, like you, I’m against “volontourism” so I decided to support by becoming a regular donor. It would be very important for everyone to do it: it is not a big commitment for an individual but if everyone would do it together we could make a huge difference!

  • For a while I’ve felt the need to donate part of my income to something that supports that part of Humanity that is always neglected and ignored. I donate to support the incredible work you are doing!


Still I Rise

With your regular donation you can change the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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