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the world
is a team

Volunteers bring their
time and passion,
sharing what
they hold most valuable.

Our activities
  • Events

    Events are the beating heart  of our Local Groups’ activities and help us spread our Mission through fundraising initiatives and opportunities to meet new people. No matter how modest, every event counts!

  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions are our main tool for raising awareness and telling truths that have been hidden for too long. Organizing an exhibition is a show of solidarity that becomes a source of support for our children, allowing us to intervene anywhere in the world.

  • Schools

    Schools are vital to us. Meeting students, teachers and principals is one of the greatest honors and pleasures for us. It is only together with them that we will implement our Education Revolution globally. Be our voice and bring Still I Rise in all schools!

More than 400 volunteers
in Italy and abroad

Our volunteers are valuable because bring their time and passion,sharing what they hold most valuable.: their heart and their will to change the fate of forgotten children. In Italy as well as in the rest of the world, being part of a Local Group means sharing energy and resources to raise awareness, mobilize and trigger social change that leads to concrete solutions. Become our voice in your community. Help us make change happen: join the existing Group nearest you, or set up a new one.

Local Groups
in Italy

Choose the Local Group
nearest to you for more information.

17 gruppi territoriali
  • Abruzzo Group

    Seeing each other through the same passion and desire to bring on concrete efforts to create a better World. Since 2021 we have been raising awareness by sharing the importance of Still I Rise's mission.

  • Campania Group

    Our goal is to contribute to the mission of "Changing the world one child at a time." From a region rich in history and revolutions, we want to contribute to change.

  • Emilia Romagna Group

    We are one of the largest and more diverse groups. We share passion and enthusiasm, and we are sure of one thing: we want to contribute to Still I Rise's Revolution

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Group

    With the right determination, a good level of commitment and a note of freshness, the Friuli Group from 2019 shares the spirit and values of Still I Rise in our community.

  • Lazio Group

    Our Group was established in 2021 while having pizza! We support Still I Rise by organizing meetings in bookstores, participating in events, exhibitions and sharing the passion that unites us.

  • Liguria Group

    Since 2021 we have been working hard to introduce you to the soul of Still I Rise and its Mission. We are growing as a group and want to expand. Join us!

  • Lombardy Group

    Born between '53 and 2003, from different worlds and with the most different ideas: in order to work well, we created our organizational chart that allows us to move freely, toward one great mission that binds us together.

  • Marche Group

    With the energy, passion and commitment that sets us apart, the Marche Local Group actively participates to give support Still I Rise's activities.

  • Piedmont Group

    We started off with just 4 people in 2019, and we are now more than 40 volunteers, friends who with commitment and passion dedicate their time and energy to Still I Rise's projects around the world.

  • Apulia Group

    Apulia Local Group is made up of people who have hope in their hearts and optimism in their eyes! Volunteering for Still I Rise excites and motivates us in the same way every time.

  • Sardinia Group

    Three tenacious girls united since 2021 by a strong passion for Still I Rise's mission. If you too recognize the importance of bringing a seed of hope to our land as well, contact us. Because together we are stronger!

  • Sicily Group

    We started with great enthusiasm in 2021 as a group of wild and energetic young people. Today the group continues to spread the word about Still I Rise. Join us!

  • Tuscany Group

    Our group was established in 2021. As good Tuscans we are "ganzi" and exuberant. Our signature activities? Workshops in schools and the photo exhibition! For every event that calls, there is a volunteer who answers "Gnamo!!!" ("let's go!)

  • Trentino Alto Adige Group

    From a region rich in nature, we work hard to be the voice of Still I Rise in our community. We believe in the value of human beings, and that schools are the places to establish trust.

  • Umbria Group

    Starting with five people in 2021, we continue to "widen the circle": each person brings ideas and skills to carry out projects and events in the area. Trust, sharing and commitment to a common mission. Because only together can we change things.

  • Valle D'Aosta Group

    Since 2021 we have joined forces to carry on the voice of Still I Rise in the region. We want to contribute to the mission and change the World.

  • Veneto Group

    Founded in 2020, a primordial lagoon reality now manages to cover the entire Veneto region with its Local Group of volunteers in love with the dream of changing the world one child at a time.

Our Local Groups in Europe
  • Germany Group

    Active in Germany since 2021 and united by the same Mission, we recognize in Still I Rise what we all believe in: the confidence and hope we can offer children through quality education.

    Contact us to join us and check out our Facebook page!

  • Switzerland Group

    Newly established in 2023 but with the energy and the same joy that Still I Rise’s students carry in their hearts. We give space to those like us who believe that changing the world starts within ourselves. Join us!

    Contact us to join us!

Standing on the side of children

Join our Mission as a volunteer now. You will help us care for students, Schools and the communities we operate in around the world.

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