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Ending child labor in the DRCongo

The context

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a paradox: rich in natural resources but oppressed by poverty. Despite being one of the world’s largest producers of cobalt, copper and various minerals, the local population suffers from exploitation by foreign companies and widespread child labor. Our goal is to counter these practices and promote a clean supply chain that doesn’t build our progress on the backs of hundreds of thousands of people.

Mines in Kolwezi

Our Emergency and Rehabilitation School is located in Kolwezi, known as the "capital of cobalt". In DRC around 40,000 children, some as young as 8, are forced to work in cobalt mines in dangerous and exploitative conditions. Still I Rise Academy - Pamoja is committed to getting these children out of the mines, offering them a rehabilitation path that includes making up for lost school years and reintegration into the official school system.

A campaign for change

Through the "No More Child Miners!" campaign, while we recognize the essential role of cobalt in the energy transition, we strongly reiterate that this cannot compromise the rights and well-being of children. We have started a petition on to urge Italy to impose checks on the entire cobalt supply chain. We call for the introduction of mandatory environmental and human rights due diligence for companies and the creation of an independent authority to ensure compliance with these standards.

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We show what happens on the field though our communication and social media channels. We are committed to giving a voice to those who are being exploited to ensure our progress, and amplifying their requests.

Still I Rise

With your regular donation you can change the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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