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Future as a Gift: The Still I Rise Christmas campaign

Childhood is the time when dreams take shape and life is full of hope. This is the case for the majority of people in the world, except for those who were born in a difficult context, with limited opportunities and possibilities to achieve their goals.At Still I Rise we strive to give disadvantaged children a simple but fundamental gift: the possibility of going to school in a safe, resourceful and stimulating environment.Providing quality education to refugee, orphan or stateless children means helping them to express their potential, taking care of their health, and providing them with the opportunity to contribute to the community they live in.

This Christmas you have the chance to offer a future to many children. There are multiple ways to support our activities. You can make a donation for us to purchase books, pens, a new whiteboard. There are many resources needed to guarantee education and safety for a child!You can also buy gifts for your friends. Still I Rise t-shirts, cups and notebooks will give you the chance to show and wear the values you believe in and make a real contribution to our activities in the field.

Finally, you can let your imagination run wild by organising a little fundraiser. Even if the pandemic makes it difficult to hold events, there are many ways to raise funds and support our students. Where basic needs are unmet, even a small gesture can make a difference. To thank you for your donation, we will send you a card which we invite you to share on social networks with the message: what kind of future do you wish for these children?

Write down your answer to this question, use the hashtag #futureasagift and tag the @StillIRise page. We will choose the most beautiful ones for our Christmas posts!

Still I Rise

With your regular donation you can change the fate of the most vulnerable children in the world.

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