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Still I Rise launches its first program in Syria

It’s been over 9 years of war now, and the horrors don’t stop. Over time, we have come to know thousands of kind, hardworking and compassionate Syrians who are waiting in exile until the hostilities are over to be able to build their country again. We never thought we could help them do that until the conflict was over, but it looks like we might be able to.

We found a wonderful team on the ground who are doing their best to get all the authorizations needed and find a suitable building to offer our future students the best education we can provide. We are hoping to open soon in Ad Dana, a city that has recently welcomed many internally displaced people from the bombings of the surrounding areas. We can’t wait to get started and we will keep you all updated on the developments!

#Risewithus and support the incredible that the work team on the ground is doing!

Photo credit: Hurras Network

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