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An Active Commitment to Change

An initiative to shut down the landfill

Still I Rise International School, in the heart of Mathare, one of Kenya’s largest slums, was initially surrounded by toxic fumes coming from the nearby open-air landfill. This situation compromised the quality of the air and made the surrounding environment dangerous and unhealthy. We could not remain passive in the face of this reality. Out of concern for the well-being of our students and the Mathare community, we decided to take action. By directly involving the community and local organizations, we started a campaign to close the landfill.

An Alliance for Cleanliness and Transformation

In collaboration with government agencies, law enforcement agencies and other local organizations, we organized community clean-up days. These joint efforts have demonstrated that only through collective commitment is it possible to address environmental challenges and transform a dangerous situation into an opportunity for growth.
In January 2023, young people who previously profited from illicit activities related to the landfill decided to change course. They founded the organization Pillars Meta Meta CBO, becoming promoters of the closure of the landfill and together we started the Mathare Memorial Peace Park project, a sustainable park for the whole community.

Tangible Progress and Community Involvement

In July 2023, thanks to our joint efforts, we managed to completely clean up the landfill, fence it off and eliminate all the waste present. At the same time, in collaboration with Inua - Rise Together CBO, we involved our students in improving the literacy skills of children in the community.
Our work doesn't end here. Our dream is to see the Mathare Memorial Peace Park built, which would represent a symbol of rebirth and hope for Mathare. We will continue to work to achieve this goal.


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