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"The school of the future", Nicolò Govoni back on tour in Italy

Nicolò Govoni is back on tour in Italy and Switzerland with seven meetings in Rimini, Rome, Cremona, Milan, Aosta, Lugano, and Bologna between November 10 and 18. During these events, the CEO of Still I Rise will unveil the results of the revolutionary Educational Method applied in the organization’s schools, explaining how it can bring change to the entire world.

“All boys and girls deserve the highest quality education, but this is accessible to only 0.1 percent of the world’s children,” says Nicolò Govoni. “However, reversing this equation is possible, and that is what we are already doing in Still I Rise schools: during this tour, I will show how we do it and why democratizing access to an education of this level, even within public schools, is fundamental and as urgent as ever.”

During these events, Nicolò Govoni will also talk about his new book “Altrove” (Elsewhere), due out on November 24 and available for preview during the tour. “Altrove” is the first book released under the Still I Rise – Edizioni publishing brand. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to support the organization’s educational projects.


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Cremona is a small town where nothing ever happens, or so its residents tell themselves. But when the Po River regurgitates the lifeless bodies of three little girls, peace is broken and a witch hunt begins.

People have no doubt: migrants have invaded the squares, the train station, and much of the suburbs; the killer can only be one of them. But then, one of the murdered girls, or someone who looks like her, comes knocking on her front door again. The city sinks into total panic. Commissioner Abbandonato will have to solve the case, caught between his obsession with Donna, the mother of the missing girl, and his lifelong friendship with Mamadou, the prime suspect.

Nicolò Govoni returns to his homeland with a novel that investigates one of the issues he holds most dear: the other and the elsewhere. A novel that asks those questions that, sooner or later, we have all asked ourselves throughout our lives; what is our place in the world? Can we really belong to a place, or just to other people? And what does make us “us”, while all the others are “them”? (Press release)

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