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Syria: the small achievements that give strength

In Syria, the winter and the harsh cold make the situation even more difficult.

The bombing does not stop, forcing people to a continuous wandering between one area and another of the Country, looking for a peace that seems to be no longer possible. Covid’s contagions are decreasing, according to the official news, but surveys are difficult and data are not very reliable.

Even in Ma’an, the school we created for children aged 10 to 14, we cannot be as operational as we would like. However, the activities continue, thanks to the support of many friends and donors, and the results are visible. Our classes are attended by 40 students, but soon we will be ready to add another 12 for the IT classes we are starting. The small goals achieved, as result of commitment and perseverance, give us energy. In these days some of the students have been admitted to the next class because now they can speak and write in English more and more fluently.

Among them is M., twelve years old, who lives with her parents in a tent, but who attends classes every morning. When she heard about the promotion, her eyes couldn’t stop laughing. This is an important achievement for M., for all of the students, and for us as well.

It’s a small step in a long journey full of obstacles, but our students’ progress confirms that we can’t give up, because we are moving, together, in the right direction.

Stay by our students’ side, to give them the chance to be children again.

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