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L' esperienza scolastica

2023 Student Survey I:
A comparative research between Italian and SIR students.

An investigation in 2023 explored the perceptions of high school students in Italy and Still I Rise students in Nairobi through 36 questions about their school experience. The results reveal significant differences in the perception of school between the two groups. 

Still I Rise students express a notable ease in attending school; they view it as a family and maintain relationships of trust and mutual respect with teachers and peers. For them, school is not just a place of learning but also a beautiful, welcoming environment crucial in shaping their future.

  • 60% The percentage of Still I Rise students perceiving school as a family
  • 15% The percentage of Italian students perceiving school as a family

“In our school, we are happy if  we are listening to each other.”

Student of Still I Rise

Key Findings:

School Happiness: Still I Rise students are significantly happier attending school compared to their counterparts in Italy.
School Relationship: Among Still I Rise students, relationships of trust, mutual respect, and the perception of school as a family stand out.

Read the full report here

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