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2023 Student Survey II

Studio di Confronto fra studenti Still I Rise e studenti Italiani

The results of a study conducted in 2023 revealed significant differences in the perception of socio-emotional well-being between Italian students and those of Still I Rise. 

Specific questions about the frequency of worries, hope, happiness, and the management of difficult emotions highlighted a positive trend among Still I Rise students. They appeared less worried, more hopeful, happier, and notably more determined than Italian students. 

The probability of trying again after a failure is over 50% in all Still I Rise schools, while for Italian students, it is less than 25%.

75% of Still I Rise students feel a strong sense of belonging to the school, compared to less than 10% of Italian students. 

Key Findings:
Hope and Happiness: Still I Rise students (SIR) reported a greater sense of hope and happiness compared to Italian students.
Determination: Still I Rise students proved to be more determined than Italians, especially in the face of failure.

This comparison highlights the resilience and positivity of Still I Rise students, suggesting a more optimistic and motivated approach compared to their Italian counterparts. 

Read the full report here

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