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Future Classroom

Benefici della Future Classroom

Explore the results of the analysis conducted by Still I Rise on the Future Classroom at Nairobi International School. Discover how student-centered design has positively impacted teachers and students, promoting comfort, innovation, and open-mindedness.

Student approval for a significantly higher design than standard classrooms.

Strong reported benefits, including increased comfort, engagement, innovation, and socialization.

In the spring of 2023, Still I Rise closely examined the use of the Future Classroom at Nairobi International School, gathering feedback from students, teachers, and external observers. The innovative design received high approval from students, positively influencing the learning environment.

Flexible seating arrangements, collaboration areas, and access to technological resources foster a student-centered approach. Teachers highlight increased ease in incorporating innovative methodologies such as the “5E inquiry methodology.”

More than half of the students recognize the importance of classroom design for their own learning.

“The future classroom is a very innovative space, and I think it helps the students with socializing.”

Ange, Nairobi School student.

The report concludes that replicating this modern design in other Still I Rise schools will bring tangible benefits to teachers and students, solidifying the vision of dynamic, student-centered classrooms.

Read the full report here!

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