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All of our  students at Still I Rise Academy in Kolwezi are former child miners. Find out who they are and their stories, beyond the labels.

  • Thanks to Still I Rise, I am fully experiencing my childhood and adolescence.

    The beginning of my journey here marked a new life.

    I am Dieumerci and started attending Pamoja School in February 2022. The transition from childhood to adulthood is a combination of ages, experiences and responsibilities. I don’t remember the exact moment when I thought I became an adult. Before Still I Rise, I used to give up studying to support my family. I always help my classmates and participate in activities with enthusiasm, I am passionate about computer science, I dream that it will become my job tomorrow.

  • I love math and have a dream of becoming a doctor to help others and feel useful. When I'm in school, I feel like I'm at home and I know I'm doing the right thing.

    My name is Jeannie and I am 14 years old.

    The first thing I learned in school? I learned to ask for help when I need it and to help others when they need it. I have been attending School since the first day it opened. I live in a nearby village where there is no running water, so my brother and I have to walk a lot to get it. At school, I learned that I can turn to my favorite teacher, Joséphine, or Denise, the Child Protection officer, when I need to talk. I feel safe here.

  • I told my favorite teacher, Monsieur John, that I didn't think I would find a place like Pamoja School, where I can read, write and rest.

    I am 13 years old and live in Kolwezi, DR Congo.

    My name is Sylvain, I am the fifth sibling in my family and the only one attending school, the “Pamoja” School since February 2022. While my mother finished elementary school, my father and brothers work in the mine and have never studied. I love studying French and want to learn other languages to communicate with more people. I am an attentive and quiet boy, always helpful.

  • When I grow up, I dream of becoming an engineer to improve the roads in my country.

    I am Dieumerci, I love to study French, use computers and play soccer.

    My name is Dieumerci and I have been attending Pamoja School in DR Congo since February 2022. Despite living far away and having to take the bus every day, I have never missed a day of school. I love studying French, using computers and playing soccer. I am determined, reserved and very committed to study, achieving my goals with patience. Madame Joséphine is my favorite teacher because she is kind and always on our side.

Still I Rise

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