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Stories from our students

After more than 10 years of war, our Academy in Aden, Yemen, welcomes local children in need, internally displaced children from other areas of the country, and refugee children. Read the stories of our students, beyond the labels.

  • My parents' smiles are a testimony to my success: my father, for the first time, dreams of a future for me. And I dream of teaching and inspiring others, because now I know that dreams can come true, even amidst difficulties.

    I'm Liala, here is my story

    I lived most of my life in a refugee camp, and studying seemed an unattainable luxury. Every day I had to deal with bringing water home but the desire to go to school grew in my heart. At 11 years old, I feared that my dream of becoming an English teacher had been lost- how could I teach if I couldn’t even learn? Then Still I Rise found me. In just a few days, I became one of the best students in the School, especially in English!

  • Now, my dream is to become a doctor and help others. My story is not unique: millions of children like me live in refugee camps, often with no family and no future.

    My name is Othman and here is my story

    Growing up in an IDP camp in Yemen, I faced challenges that many cannot imagine. Without my mother, I found myself scavenging to earn some money to support my father and sisters. School was just an unattainable dream as I struggled to survive in a devastated land. When I was welcomed into the School, I saw a light of hope. Day after day, I found passion, enthusiasm and the desire to dream again.

  • Although the pain of being away from my parents does not go away, I now know that there is someone standing by my side. I realize that I am not alone. Now, together, we build my future, day by day.

    My name is Mutaz and I'd like to share my story with you

    When I was only 12 years old, I found myself forced to leave my home, without my parents, and move to an IDP camp. There, school seemed a distant mirage as I worked at the fish market day and night to support my eight siblings. Without any mentor or affection nearby, hope for the future faded. But then, the Emergency and Rehabilitation School in Yemen opened its doors to me. Among the desks I found a refuge, a place of hope.

Still I Rise

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