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European Due Diligence Directive

Our work in Europe

Our work in Europe

Since 2022 we have been committed to ensuring that companies that sell products containing cobalt (including computers, telephones and electric bikes) are obliged to clean their supply chain and that an independent external authority certifies it.

The European Due Diligence Directive

We followed the entire process of the European Due Diligence Directive, which lasted two years and was recently approved. Unfortunately, once again politics has bowed to companies, voting for a directive that will only apply to 0.05% of companies and which will not resolve the exploitation and lack of rights in the supply chains of many products.
We will continue to fight for a mandatory, rigorous and comprehensive corporate due diligence policy that rectifies past and present abuses at every stage of the supply chain, from mining to battery manufacturing, and for an independent, external authority to verify compliance. It's time to make sure our technological and energetic present (and future) is not built on the blood of hundreds of thousands of exploited adults and children.

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