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Our fight against medical malpractice


Ernest, a 35-year-old Burundian refugee and father of one of our students, lived in Nairobi with his family after fleeing the political crisis in his country. However, his life was cut short by a car accident in 2021, which was not followed by adequate medical care. Ernest's tragic experience highlights the difficulties refugees in Kenya face in accessing healthcare, despite the Constitution guaranteeing the right to health for all. Financial, linguistic, bureaucratic barriers and discrimination prevent them from receiving adequate care. Faced with this situation, Still I Rise has taken legal action against the hospitals involved, accusing them of medical negligence. In addition to this, we also filed a formal complaint with the Kenyan Medical Practitioners Council. These are just the first steps towards seeking justice for Ernest and his family

Hopes for the Future of Socio-Economic Inclusion of Refugees

What we aim for is real, tangible change that will ensure all refugees have fair and unhindered access to the care they need to maintain their health and well-being. This involves not only removing financial, linguistic, bureaucratic barriers and discrimination, but also implementing policies and practices that ensure respectful and compassionate treatment for all.

Still I Rise

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